2015 Prescott Rotary Annual Amazing Tricycle Race

Held on October 10, 2015 the Prescott Rotary Annual Amazing Tricycle Race was set up as a FUNd-raiser for the Prescott Rotary Club. Some dedicated Prescott Lawn Bowling Club members decided to enter a racing team to support the event, and capture the opportunity to promote the Prescott Lawn Bowling Club (PLBC) to the community.

 After several races, handily eliminating the competition, the PLBC team was emerging as a serious contender for a place in the final race. In an epic final, nail-biter race, the team came from behind to emerge victorious and take the title as "THE CHAMPIONS" of the Amazing Tricycle Race.

 The following slide presentation documents some of the preparations, training and heroic efforts made by the team to capture the win. Many thanks to the PLBC Racing Team and their support crew.

......And the photographic evidence proves what medical professionals have long thought,.... that Lawn Bowling keeps you Forever Young!